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Why have it removed?

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Often one calls his tattoo after a few years as a “youth sin”, has parted with the supposed partner for eternity, which still finds its place in capital letters on the skin, was influenced by trends and fashions and regrets his decisions. In some cases, the tattoo is to be replaced with a new one because a cover-up tattoo is planned but the dark color of the old tattoo is still too strong. Laser medicine technologies have improved, making tattoos easier and less painful to lighten or remove. However, it is difficult to achieve complete removal, especially with dark skin or multi-colored tattoos. In the Medical and Laser Center we work primarily with the nano-laser AlexTriVantage Laser and PicoWay Laser to successfully treat the various colors of tattooing.

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The number of treatments for the removal of a tattoo depends on the size, color, age and dye type of the tattoo. Treatments are performed at 4-5 week intervals and usually require 5-10 sessions. The procedure takes 10-30 minutes and you wear protective goggles during it. It cannot be guaranteed that all the ink will be completely removed, bright, colorful and multiple poked over tattoos are the most difficult to remove.

An overview of the costs is available.

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Swelling and possibly blistering or bleeding may occur after the procedure. It is very important to keep the area as clean as possible. Care and optimal hygiene of the treated areas are therefore essential. You enjoy the treatment in our practice, but afterwards you are jointly responsible for the optimal healing process for the time between treatments.
Of course, you will receive advice from us in this regard. There are special laser ointments that promote healing of the treated areas. Our professional staff will educate and advise you on this. The skin should be regularly covered with sterile drapes for about a week after treatment until the skin surface has healed. Detailed information is available here in our practice or by telephone.

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As with any procedure, there are risks. The most common side effect is incomplete removal of the tattoo, even though several treatments have been performed. It is impossible to predict which tattoos will respond completely and which will not. Occasionally, the texture or pigment of the treated skin may change. In the case of complete removal, the patient’s own skin color may initially remain very light, as the body’s own color pigments are also removed. The skin usually recovers and regenerates after some time. If scars have already appeared during tattooing, they will remain on the skin after laser treatment. These scars can be smoothed with the Fraxel laser.

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