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Cryolipolysis cold treatment

Cold Therapy Cryo Lipolysis, or Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical body contouring method to reduce stubborn fat deposits non-invasively.

Cryolipolysis is the reduction of fat cells, through a local application of cold. The cold therapy cryolipolysis procedure is a specialized treatment. Disturbing fat deposits on the abdomen can be gently reduced by means of cold, without anesthesia and without surgical measures.

Cryolipolysis cold treatment exploits the property of fat cells, which are much more sensitive to cold than the surrounding tissue. By cooling the fat tissue pads to be treated to about -1 degree and lower, the fat cells are damaged in such a way that they are broken down within one to two months. The overlying skin and tissue is not damaged in the process.

It is a clinically proven procedure that uses cold exposure to remove stubborn fat deposits that cannot be reduced by exercise or a healthy diet.

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Cryolipolysis cold treatment is the reduction of fat cells by local application of cold for cosmetic purposes. It is a non-invasive technique in which an obviously fatty part of the body (abdomen, hips, thighs) is sucked into a device by means of an applicator and subcooled in it.

Fat cells under the influence of cold die earlier than other tissue.
This effect is used to selectively treat smaller fat deposits. Other terms include cryolipolysis, cryo lipo sculpting, cryolipolysis, cold therapy, or cold treatment.

You will have a free, no-obligation consultation at the studio before each treatment, where any contraindications or other health issues will be discussed. You will be fully informed about the possible results that can be achieved with the treatment in a personal consultation.

Cryotherapy Cryo Lipolysis is not intended to replace liposuction, but it is an alternative for patients who are looking for a simpler treatment without surgery and downtime. Just like liposuction, cold therapy Cryo Lipolysis is not a method to treat general obesity. Kyolipolysis is mainly used for diet-resistant fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, back and inner and outer thighs.

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