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Our strength at the Doctors' and Laser Center lies in the combination of personal consultation and innovative technology. We take the time to understand your individual needs and tailor permanent hair removal to suit you optimally. In Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, you can expect customized treatment concepts.

Safety and comfort

The safety and comfort of our customers are our top priorities in permanent hair removal. In Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we use state-of-the-art laser devices that are effective and gentle on the skin. Experience permanent hair removal with us in a pleasant and safe environment.

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Permanent laser hair removal in Frankfurt & Wiesbaden

Welcome to the Doctors' and Laser Center

Hair removal Frankfurt Wiesbaden
"Thanks to technological advancements, laser hair removal is not only the most advanced but also the safest method for permanent hair removal. In Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we offer professional and safe treatments for permanent hair removal. Learn more about our laser hair removal services."

Tattoo removal Frankfurt Wiesbaden
"For a gentle and scar-free tattoo removal, there is no better method than laser treatment. In Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we offer professional tattoo removal using laser technology. Learn more about our advanced tattoo removal procedures."

Wrinkle filling Frankfurt Wiesbaden
"Do you wish for a youthful and fresh appearance that doesn't reveal your true age through wrinkles on your face or décolleté? We offer professional consultation and wrinkle fillings, for example with hyaluronic acid, in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of our treatments compared to other anti-aging procedures."

A step towards self-confidence
"With our assistance in permanent hair removal in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, you can say goodbye to bothersome body hair. Boost your well-being and self-confidence with smooth, hair-free skin made possible through our professional treatments."

Cutting-edge technology for your skin

In our centers in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we rely on state-of-the-art laser devices for permanent hair removal. Our laser technology ensures a safe, fast, and nearly painless treatment, suitable for various skin and hair types. Trust in our expertise in permanent hair removal in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

In Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, we excel in individually tailored treatment plans for permanent hair removal. Each client receives personalized consultation to determine the best treatment method. Discover top-notch permanent hair removal in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Our Lasers

IPL Laser FrankfurtAlexandrit-Laser FrankfurtND:YAG-Laser Frankfurt
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser is a skin treatment technology that uses intense light pulses to treat various issues such as pigmentation, acne, and hair. It is known for its effectiveness in skin rejuvenation and hair removal, but typically requires multiple sessions for optimal results and should be performed by professionals.The Alexandrite laser is an advanced device in dermatological cosmetics used for hair removal. With a specific wavelength of 755 nanometers, this laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle to safely remove unwanted hair. It is particularly effective for individuals with fair skin and dark hair. In addition to hair removal, the Alexandrite laser can also be used to treat pigment disorders and age spots. As with all laser treatments, professional consultation and execution are crucial for optimal results.The Nd:YAG laser, available in Frankfurt, is an advanced device for various dermatological applications. With its specific wavelength of 1064 nanometers, this laser is particularly effective for hair removal in darker skin tones and can also be used to treat vascular anomalies and pigment disorders. Professional consultation and execution are crucial for safe and effective results.


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About us

Introduction: Permanent Hair Removal – A New Sense of Life

At the Doctors’ and Laser Center in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we offer highly professional solutions for permanent hair removal. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art laser technologies, we are leaders in permanent hair removal. Discover how you can effectively and long-lastingly remove unwanted body hair with our help.

Why Choose Permanent Hair Removal in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden?

Choose our center in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden for your permanent hair removal to benefit from our experience, modern technologies, and customer orientation. Permanent hair removal with us means highest quality and satisfaction.

Since 2003, we have been pioneers in innovative laser therapy and aesthetic medicine in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Our highly qualified doctors and experts offer a wide range of medical services. The Doctors’ and Laser Center is your dermatology expert for modern laser treatments and permanent hair removal in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Our modern facilities offer state-of-the-art laser devices for skin conditions, hair removal, tattoo removal, and more. Doctors can utilize our premises to offer treatments that may not be possible in their own practice, paying only a usage fee.

Our dedicated team provides professional skin treatments and permanent hair removal for everyone, and our extensive range of services ensures high-quality care. We continuously collaborate with manufacturers and doctors to implement the latest technologies.

Discover the perfect combination of medical and non-medical care in laser treatments for the skin in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Trust the Doctors’ and Laser Center Frankfurt for optimal results and international recognition.

Conclusion: Your Partner for Permanent Hair Removal in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. As your trusted partner for permanent hair removal, we are proud to offer treatments that will change your life. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.

Do you have questions?

The duration of a treatment session depends on the size of the body area being treated. Treatment of the upper lip takes about ten minutes. For treatment of the legs, you can expect approximately one hour per session.

The hair growth cycle is divided into three phases: growth phase, transitional phase, and resting phase. Only hairs in the anagen phase (growth phase), which is about 20 to 30 percent of all hairs, can be treated. After about six to eight weeks, another part of your hair follicles becomes active and can now be treated. For this reason, multiple treatments are necessary for permanent hair removal of as many hairs as possible.

With the modern Alexandrite laser, YAG and diode lasers, and IPL Ellipse systems, the Doctors’ and Laser Center offers a variety of treatment options for all hair and skin types. After a prior consultation and thorough examination, we can select the right treatment method for you and create your individual treatment plan. Most Northern and Southern European types can be treated with the Alexandrite laser. For darker skin types with very deep-rooted hairs, treatment with the YAG laser is recommended, which has been specifically developed for dark skin types. In general, the ideal conditions for all treatment methods are light skin and dark hair. Very blonde or gray hairs cannot be removed with the laser and IPL methods, as they lack the pigment melanin. For lighter hairs or very dark skin, we recommend a trial treatment to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the methods, as well as the reaction of the skin and hair.

The costs depend on the size of the area to be treated. For larger tattoos, we are happy to provide you with an individual cost estimate before starting treatment. Typically, you pay per treatment, but the Doctors and Laser Center in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden also offer discounted treatment packages.

Avoid direct sunlight and tanning bed visits for some time before the start of the treatment. If the skin is pale, the risk of pigmentation disorders from the treatment is minimal. Some medications can significantly increase photosensitivity. Please let us know if you are regularly taking medication.

The treatment process for scar removal begins with a personal consultation to get to know you better and understand your expectations. During this consultation, you will be informed about all the steps of the treatment and what you need to consider before and after the procedure. Once you have decided to undergo the treatment, you will be applied with a numbing cream one hour before your treatment to minimize discomfort. After these steps, your treatment begins.

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