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FAQ dermatology

Scars and stretch marks

In our practice in Frankfurt it is possible to remove various types of scars, such as acne scars, surgery scars or keloid scars. We can also help you with self-injury scars. For this purpose, we have various lasers at our disposal, such as the YAG laser, the CO2 laser and the Nordlys Ellipse Flex.

The treatment procedure for scar removal is such that we first have a personal consultation with you to get to know you better and to know what exactly you expect. During this consultation you will be informed about all the steps of the treatment and what you have to consider before and after the treatment. If you have decided to have the treatment done, you will be applied a numbing cream one hour before your treatment. Thus, the treatment is not so painful for you. After these steps, your treatment will already begin.

The prices for the treatment of scars can not be said in general, because there are different scars, as well as different methods of treatment.

Healing, or aftercare after CO2 treatment, lasts a maximum of seven to ten days. You should take care of the skin as recommended by our colleagues to achieve the best results. If your skin starts to peel, do not rub the skin or peel off the flakes under any circumstances. Because this can lead to the formation of scars or hyperpigmentation. You should also always apply light protection after the treatment.

At our clinic we offer anti-wrinkle treatment with the help of fractional CO2 laser and micro needling. In this type of treatment, the top layer of skin is removed. This stimulates the collagen formation of the skin. After the treatment, the skin begins to reform. The result is a firmer and finer skin.

We offer fractional radiofrequency microneedling, with which it is possible to improve the appearance of the skin and also reduce the size of pores. With this type of treatment there is good success even with deep acne scars, because the treatment plumps up the skin.

We offer treatment of stretch marks and stretch marks with the help of fractional laser and micro needling. This makes the areas of skin lighter and smoother, but more than one treatment is needed to achieve a good result. In our practice we achieve good results with this type of treatment.

The cost of treatment of stretch marks or stretch marks can not be determined in a general way, because it always depends on how large the area to be treated. We will clarify the price and other questions with you in advance in a personal consultation. More info about prices you can find here https://aerzte-laserzentrum.de/de/anti-aging/fraxel-laser/preise/

Pigment spots and hyperpigmentation

One of the main causes in the development of pigment spots is the sun. UVA and UVB rays can cause hyperpigmentation of the skin. In technical language, this is also called lentigo solaris. Hyperpigmentation also includes the well-known freckles. These are constitutional brown spots that often appear on the face. Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, taking birth control pills or due to menopause, can lead to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Hyperpigmentation can also occur in the skin due to acne or other scars. The type of pigment spots also includes age spots, which are caused by sun exposure over a long period of time.

In our practice it is possible to treat hyperpigmentation of your skin with the help of laser therapy. To find the right treatment for your hyperpigmentation, we take a look at your skin once in a personal consultation. During this consultation, you will be informed about the entire treatment process, the costs, as well as the aftercare following the treatment.

Chloasma is an areal, sharply defined and irregular pigmentary disorder of the skin caused by sun exposure. The removal of a choasma/melasma is also possible in our practice in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

The treatment may cause slight swelling and redness. The pigment spot first becomes darker in the first few days. However, these signs are not a cause for concern. But in the long term, laser therapy is not known to cause any side effects

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