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The core of our philosophy is the intensive cooperation with dermatologists in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. So that your laser treatment is as pleasant as possible for you. In addition, we also work with dermatologists from Frankfurt, who each have their own practice. All our dermatologists have many years of professional experience. To make sure that you are in good hands, we have the best doctors in this field working with us. On the other hand, it is essential that we have a constructive exchange of experiences with our patients. For your maximum positive treatment, our entire team is available for any queries, suggestions for improvement or criticism.

Our treatments

Laderma Praxis Frankfurt

Pigmented lesions (solar lentigenes)

Diffuse redness



Port-wine stains

Acne treatment

Acne treatments

Acne scar treatments

TCA and fruit acid peels

Couperose treatments

Rosacea treatments

Mesotherapy for wrinkle treatment

Mesotherapy for hair loss

eCO2 fractional laser for scars & pigmentation disorders

At Laderma we work with different lasers and IPL devices. Which device is suitable for your treatment will be decided by our dermatologists and the associated treatment teams from Frankfurt or Wiesbaden in a consultation appointment. Depending on the skin type, a different laser device is used. These devices have undergone numerous clinical tests and have been in use for many years in the leading university hospitals and private clinics in Germany and around the world. Our laser and IPL devices have medical approval and ISO 9001-9004 certification. Each of our dermatologists is involved in the decision about the laser and IPL devices.

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