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Injection lipolysis

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If sports and diets do not lead to the desired success. Then you should find out more about the Fat Away Injection from us. Because the injection has long been proven and established as an effective treatment option for small and also larger fat pads. No matter where the unwelcome problem areas may be located. The treatment by fat way injection with us can help you.

Injection lipolysis treatment procedure

The skin area to be treated is marked and carefully disinfected by our staff before the treatment.

An extremely fine needle is then used to inject the active ingredient Aqualyx® into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The injection stimulates a melting of the fat depot (lipolysis) and thus leads to an increased fat reduction. The decomposed fat cells are transported away via the body’s own lymphatic system.

You can go back to your normal activities on the day of the treatment with the Fat Away Injection and thus go back to work. However, they should allow for visible swelling and redness as a side effect. After a few days you will feel almost nothing in the treatment area.

The treatment is performed with special ultra-thin needles and is therefore almost painless. Several sessions are usually necessary at intervals of approximately three to four weeks, whereby the number of sessions depends on the number and size of the fat deposits to be treated. Generally, three to four treatments are sufficient.

Treatment regions

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Well works the fat-away injection especially with:

-hip fat

-riding pants

-in the area of the thighs

-Knee and lower leg

-in the abdomen-hip area

-as well as in general for the shaping of various problem areas

– The treatment is also possible for a double chin.

After the injection, there may be redness and swelling as well as minor bruising and mild burning in the treated areas. However, these phenomena disappear after a few days.

Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx is a body contouring option, but not a weight loss tool!

Intralipotherapy is not suitable for losing weight, but can help reduce minor fat deposits in problem areas and those that do not respond to dietary changes and fitness programs.

How does the Fat Away Injection work?

The active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (lecithin from the soybean) is injected directly into the fatty tissue in mini-injections using the Fat Away Syringe. The lecithin can bind fatty acids. It occurs naturally in the body. The decomposed fat is transported away via the lymphatic channels. It is an amplification of the processes that occur elsewhere in the body.

Risks and side effects of the Fat Away Injection

So far, about 2000 people in Germany have been treated with the fat-away injection and all and what they complained about was a slight feeling of pressure or burning at the injection site.

Facts about the Fat Away Injection

Actually, any adult can be treated with the Fat Away Injection. Only you should not be very overweight, because the fat-away injection is only suitable for smaller amounts of fat, thus for normal weight people with problem areas.

One can melt the following fat deposits with the Fat Away Injection: Double chin, in the area of the thighs and knees and lower legs and in the chest-abdomen-hip area, for “riding pants” and generally to shape various problem areas.

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