Hair Removal Clinical Studies

The studies listed below illustrate the effectiveness of our treatment thanks to technical advances in laser medicine.

The methods we use (Alexandrite and ND:YAG lasers), correspond to the current status quo of clinical possibilities – the methods and lasers used are at the highest level. In addition, side effects in particular and the treatment method itself are examined more closely. This sheds a particularly good light on those treatment methods and lasers that are used here in our practice.


IPL (old studies)

Studies hair removal

Comparison laser and IPL

Comparison of current epilation systems and evaluation of their effectiveness

Hair Removal Studies: Effectiveness Study- University Hospital, Malmö Sweden.

The studies listed above show that you are in good hands with us in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Both the clinical staff and the clinical equipment are of the highest standard. The latter is scientifically proven by the result of the studies. If, despite the studies, you are unsure about side effects or the treatment in general, you can of course visit one of our locations in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden in person. Of course, we are also happy to help you by phone.

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