Pigment spots prices

Pigment spots prices

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Prices pigment spots treatment

In addition to the best quality, you will also get the best price for the treatment of your pigmentation spots. We are confident in ourselves and focus our treatment on the quality of your results. At the same time, our goal is for each of you to be able to afford treatment from our doctors, which is why we aim to treat at a lower cost than our competitors. So if you find a cheaper offer for your treatment, we will be happy to give you your treatment at that price. Both age-related and non-age-related pigmentation are professionally treated for you by our specialists.

In both the Frankfurt and Wiesbaden locations, a good-humored warm team welcomes you with a smile. We do everything we can to ensure that whatever treatment (hair removal, tattoo removal, dermatology, wrinkle injections or fat removal) you receive from us, it is done to your maximum satisfaction. In order to constantly improve our team in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we are grateful for both constructive positive and negative criticism. Let us know what is already excellent in your eyes and what are still the little things to satisfy you to the maximum.

Below you can see the prices for your pigment spots treatment.

Prices for pigment/age spot treatment (Frankfurt and Wiesbaden)

* Prices are estimated costs. The actual price may vary depending on the effort. More details will be specified in a treatment contract.

If you have any questions regarding prices or treatments, we are of course at your disposal. We advise you to simply visit us in person. If you cannot make it in person, we are of course available by telephone in Frankfurt as well as in Wiesbaden. If you have any questions about hair removal, tattoo removal, dermatology, wrinkle injections or fat removal, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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