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Acne scars

Acne scars are scars that may remain after the acute phase of an acne disease. Most of those who have had acne usually still suffer from the late effects of this disease. Nowadays, it is possible to get these scars under control and help the affected persons with a variety of methods.

What are the types of acne scars ?

Atrophic scars

Atropic scars are small dimples that appear when the wound does not heal properly and too little connective tissue is formed.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars can be recognized by the fact that the skin structure is not the same as the surrounding skin. In addition, there is a bulging of the scar tissue in the affected areas.

Keloids scars

Keloid scars are similar in appearance to hypertrophic scars, but this type of scar is always associated with a miracle healing disorder, which is the reason why the scar keeps spreading. However, this form of scarring occurs very rarely in acne diseases.

Treatment of acne scars with the help of laser therapy

Laser treatment can be used for both hypertrophic and atrophic acne scars at the same time. Various types of laser therapy are available, including laser treatment with the CO2 laser or the Radio Frequency Micro Needle.


In our practice we offer both methods for the treatment of acne scars. The CO2 laser is mainly used for deeper ablations. Due to the treatment with the laser, the skin renews itself after the treatment and thus becomes smoother and more even.


The head of the Radio Frequency Microneedle is equipped with numerous microneedles, from which the skin is easily treated with heat. This unifies the tissue and stimulates the body’s own production of collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, the skin appears firmer after healing and the acne scars are thus plumped up.

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