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Permanent laser hair removal in Frankfurt & Wiesbaden

Welcome to the Medical and Laser Center

When medicine and aesthetics meet, great, effective and innovative technologies emerge that restore or improve the well-being of our valued patients. Regardless of whether you are planning permanent laser hair removal or tattoo removal, wrinkle treatment, injections, fat reduction or anti-aging laser treatment: you have come to the right place, because we take your concerns seriously and do our best to meet your needs .

Take a look at our treatment topics and contact us if you are interested. Our team looks forward to seeing you and cordially invites you to our center.

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Our Service

Hair removal

Technical progress makes it possible: Laser hair removal is not only the most advanced and modern method for permanent hair removal, it is also safer than ever.

Tattoo removal

No method is better suited to remove tattoos gently and without scarring than laser tattoo removal.

Wrinkle treatment

Want to turn back time a few years? Do you want a young, fresh and well-groomed appearance and don't want your age to be defined by a few wrinkles on your face or décolleté? We would be happy to advise you on wrinkle injections (e.g. with hyaluronic acid) and compare the advantages and disadvantages of other treatments.


Modern lasers are very well suited to refresh the skin. Dead skin cells are literally lasered out of the skin. In addition, the regeneration of collagen is stimulated.​

Fat reduction

The latest procedures make painless fat reduction possible today. We therefore offer you various methods, such as radio frequency therapy (with heat) or cryolipolysis (with cold). We also offer intralipotherapy.​

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